Nowsletter #2

First things first, thank you for reading Surenity Nowsletter #1 last week. I received some nice feedback, which was lovely! And, as well, some more constructive feedback:

This week is far less horny, and definitely not racy like that, so hopefully should not cause you to notice sensations in the body during office hours.

Thoughts for the week


We made the world far too complex.

This week, I saw a car seat discarded by the side of the road. Now obviously a car seat does not belong on the side of the road. It belongs in a car. Or, failing that, a makeshift scrap yard an industrious hoarder has assembled out the front of his house. One of those guys from the internet who will buy your car off you for “$50 cash – no questions asked”, and only once he rocks up do you realise it’s in fact you who’s not allowed to ask questions.

What stood out about this particular car seat was the crime scene style tape hugging it tightly, proudly proclaiming “THIS IS ILLEGAL DUMPING UNDER INVESTIGATION”.

See? We made the world far too complex. Like, obviously, you can’t just dump an unwanted car seat on the nature strip. That part, not so complex. But Councils having their own crime scene tape, conducting their own investigations – surely the world has no need for this? What does the investigation entail? Just a guy flagging cars down, poking a torch through the window, “hmm, got all your seats do ya? ok, move along”. Ok, so until this illegal dumper is brought to heel, we’re just going to leave this unwanted car seat on the nature strip? Let’s hope Council’s got their best detective on the case.

Until recently our Council had a 23 year old Mayor which is too young to be THE MAYOR. I mean, I assume. I don’t actually know what a Mayor does. But I’m guessing it’s not: spend all day talking about anxiety while online shopping for baguette bags (I also don’t actually know what a 23 year old does). What I do know is that Local Council is the closest level of government to the community. For example, the Mayor lives in a sharehouse with six of the community. Not only that, she’s also in a thrupple with two of the community.

I’m 37 and I can barely remember what I was doing when I was 23. Like with a bit of effort I can remember. But it doesn’t just come to me. I have to do a little equation in my head, “Oh ok, 1986 + 23, that would be 2009, so that would mean… ohh yeah, I was probably graduating from uni”. Then slowlyt a memory forms of what that was all about. Imagine 14 years from now, being 37 and thinking “Oh ok, 2000 + 23, that would be 2023, so that would mean… ohh yeah, I was probably THE MAYOR”.

We made the world far too complex. And I don’t know how well equipped we are to deal with it.

I keep thinking about this video I watched where a neuroscientist answers questions from Twitter about optical illusions. Illusions like that dress some people thought was blue, other people thought was gold, and everyone thought was ugly. It’s interesting stuff. Apparently the world we experience is not the world as much as it is the world as perceived by the brain. And sometimes, when there “isn’t enough information”, the brain takes it upon itself to fill in the gaps. Honestly, it feels a lot like a neuroscientist all too casually pointing out our brains lie to us. At least that it is how my brain perceived it.

At one point, the neuroscientist jokingly says “I’m actually going to ruin magic for you” as he compares these illusions to a magician’s misdirection. Are you kidding me? Magic? How about, you just ruined THE WORLD for me!! Not only have I just discovered I am not the brain, but also, the brain (that is not me) is lying to me. And it didn’t even take something that complicated to illicit the dishonesty. All it took was some small white dots spinning a bit faster than some slightly larger yellow dots and my brain felt suddenly backed into a corner. What?! Listen up brain, the world we’ve made is going to throw much more complexity at you than that!

And for the record, that video did not ruin magic for me. Seeing the kitchen at a Magic Club ruined magic for me. Oh, and finding out that David Copperfield was on Epstein’s Island. That also ruined magic for me. Talk about Magicians Greatest Secrets Revealed.

I have a question for all the neuroscientists out there, reading this… If I’m just seeing my perceived world, and you’re just seeing your perceived world, who’s looking after the Saab factory?!

No wonder I couldn’t come up with a better plan for that unwanted car seat.

Comedy Festival Show

Melbourne Comedy Festival kicks off this week! This year I’m performing alongside Matt Stewart.

The show is called Drier Drier, because we’re two of Australia’s driest comedians (Matt is sardonic with a dry wit and I have eczema).

I’m very excited about the material we’ve both been working on. It’s gonna be fun and loose, and in many ways, I believe, an ideal way to enjoy an hour at the Comedy Festival.



If you are free to come on April 6th or 7th these should be really fun shows and there’s a special promo code just for you! Just use promo code DRYLAUGHING at checkout.

We did a photo shoot and most of the photos will never see the light of day. As a special treat to say thank you for reading this far, here is one of those photos.

Not exactly sure how we figured this pose would tie in with the title Drier Drier, but I do remember thinking hopefully we can crop in a hose and crop out Matt’s feet.

Suren Jayemanne_April 2024_2



If you’re in Melbourne you have a chance to see a whole bunch of shows at the Festival. Please consider taking a punt on someone you haven’t seen before – either you discover someone new and exciting, or you leave armed with a great dinner party story about how you saw a fully grown adult have a breakdown. Amplified. And for just $25 (plus booking fees).

Here are some acts I recommend:

Bronwyn Kuss – my favourite local act right now! Get in before she gets big

Luka Muller – JJJ presenter, wonderful storyteller, and all round good guy. Luka is a veteran of the Edinburgh Fringe and always compiles unique and charming solo shows. For the two years I performed at Edinburgh, Luka and I both slept on the floor at opposite ends of a living room in an apartment housing 6 comedians. Oh, and THE MAYOR.

Two Hearts – This NZ duo never fail to put on a high energy, hilarious hour of comedy. Full of hijinks and amazing original songs.

Bonnie Tangey Bonnie is super funny, but also has a really unique job. She works at a lab where they’re growing meat. This is a show about that job.

Kuah Jenhan – a good friend from Malaysia. He’s a celebrity there. Yet here nobody knows who he is and that should change. I like that we have that last bit in common.

Other stuff


Here are some other bits and bobs I’ve been and done:

Who Knew It With Matt Stewart

Good Tucker (SBS)

Urvi Went to an All Girl’s School


Thanks for reading yet another missive from the Foreign Office.

If you enjoyed this, or even if you didn’t and still made it this far – I’d love to hear from you. So feel free to get in touch!